Sustainable Building Overview
Stricklin General Contractor works with you to identify relevant green solutions, provide a healthier living environment and match your aesthetic choices.

• We can suggest green alternatives for your project based on a thorough assessment of your materials and budget. Heating, lumbing and lighting systems, as well as windows, doors and skylights, all offer opportunities for green engineering.

• We recycle as much as possible at our job sites and certify that 75% of the waste is recycled. We also work with subcontractors that do the same.

• We use lumber conscientiously: we use Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) certified wood when available and engineered lumber where possible.

• We provide ongoing education to our building team on green building techniques, technologies and materials and use the best non-toxic/green adhesives, sealers, and insulation materials available.

Stricklin General Contractor is pleased that sustainable building is at the forefront of current building practices. Paul grew up appreciating practical, common sense solutions. His building career started in Berkeley, California during the 70's. At that time architectural salvage resources were providing recycled and often intriguingly detailed building materials to be reused in new projects. Paul continues to be influenced by the active salvage and recycling approach he experienced during his early career.